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Terms & Conditions

Last Update 2021

1. Booking

The guest contract shall be deemed concluded when the reservation of the apartment has been ordered by the guest and confirmed by the owner. Confirmation could be made in writing, by e-mail or fax. For short-term bookings and on special request also telephone confirmations are accepted.

The apartment / holiday house to the tenant for the specified contract period rented solely for use for holiday purposes and may only be implemented in Lease specified maximum number of people are occupied.


2. Price

Prices are stated weekly. In the price is included the following: rent, electricity, water, bed linen, table linen, towels, sun umbrella, cleaning.

Payments: 30% of the total within 1 to 4 days after booking confirmation by bank transfer – the balance in cash at the villa on arrival. The cost of the financial transaction (eg remittance fee) to the renter. Credit or debit cards are not accepted.

Even in absence of payment within the period provided, the renter is obligated by written notice to the owner of the rental object to make cancelation, otherwise the owner ha right to compensation.


3. Cancellation

The tenant can before the start of the rental period by giving written notice to the Landlord withdraw from the contract. This is the date of receipt of the Cancellation notice by the landlord. If the tenant back from the lease, he has general reimbursement for the landlord expenses already incurred and loss of profit in the to make the following amount:

– Before the deposit has made – in written form, no cancellation costs.

– Up to 60 days before departure 30%, 60 days to 30 days before departure 50%

– 30 days to 15 days before departure 70%, 15 days to 07 days before departure 80%

– If canceled or modified later, and no fee will be charged the full amount.

In case of early termination or non-arrival, the tenant has no claim to compensation for unused rental days.

The tenant may designate in cancellation of the contract a replacement tenant who is willing to stand up in his place in the existing contractual relationship. The landlord can object to the entry of a third party if this economically or personally appear unreliable. If a third party in the lease one, so stick it, and the previous tenant to the landlord and severally liable for the rent and the fees. Due to the entry of the third additional costs incurred.

The landlord has a unused accommodation elsewhere for rent in good faith and must leave by the time saved credited to the cancellation fees claimed by him.

The conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance is recommended to the tenant.

As a family we try always to our guests to act flexibly, eg Cancellations in the payments or parts can be accepted these payments as part payment for the next season or next booking.


4. Termination by the landlord

The landlord can the contract before or after the commencement of the rental period without Terminate notice, if the tenant despite prior warning the agreed Payments (deposit, balance payment and deposit) does not pay on time or otherwise violates the contract to such an extent that the Lessor a continuation of the contract cannot be expected. In this case, the landlord of the tenant compensation for expenses incurred by them until termination demand and loss of profits.


5. Arrival / Departure

The arrival times are from 2 p.m. Should there be delays on the part of the guest, the landlord must be informed immediately by email / phone.

On the departure of tenants is to hand over the property to the lessor before 10.00 clock (unless otherwise agreed).

Arrival and departure days are considered when making the reservation as one day.


6. Liability Renters

The tenant agrees to treat the rental and intended for common use premises, facilities and equipment with proper care, and to ensure adequate ventilation of the licensed premises.

The use of the facilities in the house, as possibly the garden, pool (where available), beach, beach house, parking, barbecue area, as well as all facilities on the plot area at your own risk.

The landlord expressly refers to the peculiarities of the villa.

By relating the apartment, the renter accepts these terms and conditions. With these Conditions of Use and the clear rules we want to forestall misunderstandings. But generally: an open, direct conversation regulates just about everything.


7. Liability of the owner

The owner is liable for the correctness of the description of the rental property and is obligated to perform the services contracted for and properly maintained throughout the rental period.


8. Pets

Pets, especially dogs, cats and the like may be held in the lease or held temporarily only with the express permission of the owner. The Permit is valid only for the individual case. It can be revoked if inconveniences occur. The lessee is liable for all damages incurred by the pets.


9. House Rules

These House Rules has the purpose of allowing the renters live together in harmony and ease. This is to be achieved through the creation of codes of conduct intended to facilitate all guests extensive mutual respect, solidarity, reason and insight. Lyrically as short as possible to be held behavioral guidelines, as they are also for these house rules needed, often require that their contents easier with negative terms such as “It is not allowed”, or “it is forbidden” can be described. However, the present house rules should not be regarded as a catalog of prohibitions, but on a balance of interests between guests and landlords, as well as aiming between the guests themselves.

– No smoking: Smoking is only permitted on the balcony.

– Cleaning: Cleaning, change of towels and linen is available on request.

– Towels: Towels are provided only for use within the building.

– Damage: If items are damaged or destroyed, we ask that the incident be reported to us as soon as possible. For damage occured by yourself (sun umbrellas, laying chairs, etc.) will be charged.

– Washing machine: It is possible, the washing machine to use by agreement with the owners.

Tenants are encouraged to mutual respect.

In particular, disturbing noises, including loud door Throw, to avoid loud conversation on the terrace and those activities which harass the roommate by the resulting noise and affect the domestic tranquility. Making music is in the time from 22.00 clock bis 8.00 clock and from 13.00 bis 15.00 clock clock to be omitted. Radio, television and audio equipment are only on low volume adjust.

The property is used for recreation. Parties or noise in the house or in the garden are not permitted day or night. To avoid any inconvenience, we apologize for pointing this out. We also ask you to avoid making noise when you come home at night or early in the morning.

The decor of the house may be changed only with the prior consent of the host.

Use of air conditioning:
When using the air conditioner, we ask you to close the windows and doors in terms of the efficiency of the system and the economical use of resources.

Damage caused by improper use by the customer, shall be paid to the host. Repairs of air conditioning can take several days to complete, as in the high season there is huge demand.


10. Changes to the contract

Subsidiary agreements, amendments and additions to the contract and all relevant statements must be in writing. When not specified points in these TaC Croatian law according to provisions of international tourism association applies.


11. Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction is Split, it finds Croat law.


In this sense, we are sure that with us you will spend a great holiday and look forward to meeting you!
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